About PMP

Passive Mission Productions is a start-up company focusing on the design, production, and execution of live events.

Staffed by a small team, Passive Mission Productions is hoping to lead a change in the market of local events. We believe every event whether it’s a small concert in a restaurant to a large festival deserves the same attention to detail. We want to create magic at every event, realistic isn’t enough.

Meet our team:

Andrew Bowmaster – CEO/Founder
With close to two decades of experience in light design and sound engineer, Andrew decided to take this passions from a hobby to business. Andrew has run front of house for concerts, festivals, theater, and churches over the years; his passion is to see the same attention to detail that the major festivals get brought to every level. Excellence is necessary in every level, and this belief is why in 2014 he founded Passive Mission Productions.

Daniel Allen – Executive Board/Head of Videography
Daniel Allen is a Michigan State graduate living in Michigan and trying to find his way through the world. He chronicles his journey through various creative means focusing on writing and videography. During his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, photography, reading, and watching films. He specializes in film and photography optimized for the 21st century. From weddings to music festivals, independent films to documentaries, he works hard to create magic and bring the vision for life.

Marco Berard – Executive Board