Elevating Live Events with Passion and Creativity

Passive Mission Productions is not just a start-up company; it is a vision brought to life. Our focus lies in the meticulous design, flawless production, and unforgettable execution of live events.

With a dedicated and passionate small team, we are determined to revolutionize the local events market. We firmly believe that every event, regardless of its scale, deserves the same level of attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Our mission goes beyond simply delivering realistic experiences; we strive to create pure magic at every event we undertake. We understand that the true power of an event lies in the emotions it evokes and the lasting memories it creates.

Meet our team:

Andrew Bowmaster – CEO/Founder

Andrew, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of expertise in light design and sound engineering, made a pivotal decision to transform his lifelong passions into a thriving business venture. Throughout his illustrious career, Andrew has served as a front-of-house engineer for a diverse range of events including concerts, festivals, theater productions, and religious services. His unwavering dedication lies in ensuring that the meticulous attention to detail seen in major festivals permeates every level of event production. Fueled by his unwavering belief in the indispensability of excellence, Andrew took the leap and established Passive Mission Productions in 2014, a venture dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences across all scales of events.